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Elegant watch for children with built-in GPS is the best gift for your child (a) so you always know where you are if you're in the supermarket or among the crowds you can easily locate your mind dare cell.

  GPS + base station.
- Communication.
- SOS for help.
- Electronic fence.
- Warning if the watch was taken.
- Historic Route.
- Dual control mode (can be controlled via the clock or computer).
- GPRS real time positioning, tracking, control.

 Note: Please Allow 3 a 4 Weeks For Delivery

 New watches with GPS locator for children with this new watch you can always know where your child and the places you visit or if they are in place that say they dare from his cell in real time is. The clock with GPS locator child offers the best solution that has been presented so far has more than 10 functions, but three of them are really very important:

The main function of this watch is that at all times you know the exact location only to install an application on your cell clock works with a chip with the ability to connect to Internet phone company of your choice, just inserted the chips on the clock and the mobile application is installed on the phone.

The second most important feature of this watch is that you can limit a safe area for your child such as a garden area, a nursery, a house, a restaurant, shopping center or area specific game, if the child reaches the limits set out the clock automatically send you an alert to your mobile phone if you can quickly take the necessary measures and know why your son drove away.

The third most important feature of this watch is that it has the capability of two-way communication the child by pressing an SOS button can send a message to your mobile phone and you can also respond to this message, this way you can avoid any false alarm or whether the emergency is real.

Other functions that have this watch includes remote switch this means that only you from your phone can switch off the clock, location history can meet the different places where your child has recently been. The watch also send an alert if your child watch is removed, also has low battery warning and emergency alert up to 10 programmable numbers for these and other reasons the clock with GPS locator child is one of the best invented products recent years and you must buy now